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Friday, September 19, 2014

How to Abstain HIV, STIs and Involvement in adventitious Pregnancy?--Advice for bisexual, gay and lesbian

When date with bisexual, gay, lesbian, hugging, kissing, talking is the happy moment. But to be healthy and make your partner healthy are both important.

There is the Statistic Verification below
(Source: center for Disease Control and Prevention
 Research Date: July 12th, 2014)

According the data, 61% male who are active with aids are male-to-male sexual contact. ITS'S Terrifying. The surest way to abstain exceptionable pregnancy, HIV, STIs is abnegation from sexual intercourse.Certainly it seems difficult. Many bisexual, gay or straight choose activities sex rather than appearance affection, such as hugging, kissing, talking, and message. If you do choose to have sexual sexual intercourse, be amenable and assure your accomplice and yourself. According to the genders of the people complex in the relationship, there are several things you should consider:

Man & Man--Use affluence of adipose and a condom at every act of anal intercourse. Use a condom for articulate action as well.

Woman & Woman--Use a barrier( such as a dental dam, acrylic gloves, or plastic wrap) to abate the accident of HIV/STIs transmission.

Woman # Man--Use a condom at every act of anal, oral, or vaginal action to abate the accident of HIV manual and pregnancy. For best results, use addition anatomy of bearing ascendancy and a condom.

Trans or genderqueer and safe--Tans or genderqueer humans can acquaintance HIV, STIs, and pregnancy, so use aegis-condoms or dental dams at every act of anal, oral, or vaginal sex. So, condom is wonderful thing, right? put a condom in your pocket everyday, lol.

Any sexual relationship--No matter you are bisexual, lesbian, gay or just straight. Remember that blood-to-blood acquaintance is the most direct route for HIV transmission, sharing accessories or needles is alarming back claret may be larboard on the acclimated accessories or needles.-- for application drugs, demography medications, or acute or tattooing the bod. And remember to consistently use baptize based lubricants with condoms. Oil based lubricants can reach son latex. Consistently use new all-overs and added accessories or abroad apple-pie the needles/equipment by rinsing several times with bleach, again with water.
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